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A Custom Craft from Start to Finish


Work with one of our designers to draw up exactly what you’re looking for.


Our expert craftsmen take your design drawings and make them into a reality, constructing your cabinets, vanities, library and much more from the highest quality materials.


Our expert finishing process follows the highest industry standards, making the end product guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Have the final product delivered and installed without having to lift a finger… Well maybe just a finger.

Our design experts are here to imagine something you’ll love, and our expert craftsmen are here to make it a reality. Pencil in one of our designers to your schedule, and be a part of the unique experience that is Lancaster Cabinet Company.

Innovation Meets Class

Not only do we follow the long trusted best practices for creating high quality pieces in timeless classic styles, but we are also innovators at heart, combining innovation and technology with stunning creations.